We prefer to meet with clients in the comfort of their home to tailor our services to their situation, needs and future goals. 


 Are you or a family member overwhelmed when you pick up the mail? Is the thought of reviewing and paying your bills more than you care to handle? We can assist with organizing your current bills, reviewing your bills and helping with timely payment. 

    Is it time for you or a loved one to make the change from independent living to an assisted living facility? Are you overwhelmed with 10, 20 or 30 years of old bills, bank statements, tax returns and legal documents? Do you know where to start? We can help with all aspects of making the transition. We can assist with going through those boxes, drawers and stacks. We will safely dispose of those  documents and maintain current paperwork securely and confidentially. We can sell or dispose of furnishings that won't make the move with your family and coordinate the move to the new facility where they are.


services & roles

Our services include-


  • Assisting with tax preparation and filing
  • Assistance with banking transactions
  • Bookkeeping, invoice review and bill paying
  • Locating and review of service providers
  • Daily money management
  • Property sales and acquisition
  • Providing regular accountings and reportings
  • Supervision and scheduling of care managers and care givers

We can serve as-


  • Daily Money Manager
  • Independent Trustee
  • Health Care Surrogate
  • Personal Representative
  • Power of Attorney
  • Special Needs Trustee.